Pratt Institute

Masters of Fine Arts, with Honors, 2011

University of California, San Diego

Bachelor of Arts in Media Arts, Minor in Art History, 2009



-Winter Masquerade Ball, Hot Wood Arts Center, Brooklyn NY, curated by Megan Suttles


-Forward. Rewind. Repeat. Ground Arts, New York NY, curated by Kelly Worman

-Of Mind, Body and Soul, Fowler Arts Collective, Brooklyn NY, curated by Peter Fynd Medley


-SCRATCH SLAP PUNCH, Thesis exhibition at Steuben Gallery, Brooklyn NY

-Pratt Harlem Project FDB 2280, Pop Up Show, Harlem, NY, curated by Heather Darcy Bhandari

and Elissa Levy


-Nailed, Solo exhibition in EastOne Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, curated by Brenna Tucker

-Welcome…2010, Steuben Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, curated by Ryan W. Turley and Janean Hearn


-The Introduction, Steuben Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, September 9 through September 17

-Unus Domus Uxor Cupido, Solo exhibition at The Annex, San Diego, CA, May 3 through May 9

-Tender is the Night, Art Produce Gallery, San Diego, CA, July 03 through August 9


-Blouin Art Info, In the Air: 20 Must-See Studios, Exhibitions, And Events at Bushwik Open Studios 2012

-NYArts, Editorial Preview. Wrestling With the Self of Mind, Body and Soul.

-Quagliata Braddock, Gail Victoria. Caitlin Peluffo, Nailed. Oct. 8, 2010

-EB White Blog. (accessed March 31, 2010)


-2010 Guest, Bodies and Performance; The Academic Initiatives Committee, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn,

NY, including Ira Livingston and Lisabeth During